The project has started with the analysis of the Italian company - Cassina.

Based on this analysis, after understanding the guideline of the company, we designed two major components of ‘furniture living, a table and a chair.
Attentively trying to remain loyal to their style but at the same time to fill in the gaps in order to reach the perfect collection.

Origami & Abbraccio

principale front.jpg


Tradition, simplicity and modernism are the key words of the project. 
Origami was created with the idea of keeping the guideline of purity and simplicity.
Following origami lines, and wood games through the perspective and light.

principale front.jpg
principale - front.jpg


Seem so simple but yet so complex.
Teamwork and serious research led us to the perfect solution creating the perfect chair.

Abbraccio chair hides underneath a smart and innovative structure that give to its thin legs the perfect strength.

principale - right_edited.jpg
esploso 2.60.jpg



pele nero + noce scuro.png
pele bianco + rovere lacato nero.png
pele avorio + palissandro.png
pele bordaux + rovere tinto wenge.png
detagli - 1.jpg
detagli - 3jpg.jpg

Technology used:

Rhino - keyshot - Photoshop