After a careful fieldwork and a deep analysis of the different stages of the Alzheimer’s disease, we found the related frustration in Alzheimer’s patients to the difficulty in dressing. 
Therefore we have developed a smart closet
which will orientate and facilitate the patient in this everyday activity - thus becoming a therapeutic tool. 

the closet designed in two parts, family and therapist side which has no handle and can be open only with a code. 
And the patient part with a transparent door and a handle that opens with a magnetic lock.
the patient part designed and organised as a display, making it easier for the patient to understand which item is on each shelf.
The closet becomes the central point of the room as a guideline and object finding.

chiuso -  inclinato destra.png
aperto sinistra - inclinato.png
aperto destra - inclinato.png
chiuso -  inclinato sinistra.png
aperto sinistra - front.png
chiuso aceso - front.png
chiuso spento - front.png

Technology used:

Rhino - keysoht - After Effects - Illustrator - Photoshop